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     Tennis shirt designs are a specialty of ours here at Chroma Apparel. Because we are also tennis players we have a true understanding of what tennis tournament directors need in a tennis shirt. Likewise, since we are participating and attending both junior and adult tennis events on a regular basis we understand what the players want as well. Let us show you how we can help you with your next tennis tournament shirt.

Tennis designs for tennis players by tennis players.

Tennis Tournament Designs

I have created hundreds of tennis tournament designs over my 20 year career as a t shirt designer. Now I am making some of the best ones available to you. Try one of these easy to edit tennis tournament shirt design templates for your next tournament shirt.

Tennis Designs | Camps

Tennis camps are fun and the t-shirt should be too. We have some of the best tennis art around and I am sure you will love my colorful and playful tennis camp designs.

"They always have the coolest shirts"

     Isn’t this what you want your participants saying about your tennis camp? Make sure to wow them with the most original and “coolest” tennis camp shirt designs available. 

Holiday Tournament Shirts

I have tennis imagery for all of the major holidays. Check out all of my Holiday Tennis Shirt designs.

Downloadable Art Templates or Custom Printing

My print shop… Chroma Apparel would love to design and print your tennis shirts for you. Art is free when we do the printing. Find out why we have been an industry leader for over 20 years.

Call us at 1-800-315-9411 for a quote on custom printed tennis shirts.

However, if you already have a printer you can purchase our tennis designs as art templates.

Easy to Customize

Most of my tennis designs are available as downloadable design templates. These tennis design template are designed to be editable and adjusted specific to your custom needs. Change the colors and text quickly and easily.  Follow the sample or recombine the elements to create a unique version of your own. My templates are intended to be used by designers with a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. 

Sample Design and Associated Design Elements are included.

The design templates include a final sample design as well as the focus image and associated design elements. These graphic images and elements would likely cost you more to purchase individually than the template itself. Plus you get the added bonus of having a complete and finished design right from the start.

I Create all of the Focus Images and Design Elements Myself!

Every piece of artwork from the design elements to the main focal images was created by me. As a result these templates are unique and interesting. I use this artwork myself so only the best will do. If you like my stock art images you can find them all at 

Save time and money with my tennis shirt design templates.

Creating a unique and interesting tennis design from scratch is slow and can be frustrating. Many of these designs would take hours if you were to design them from scratch. Searching for good art elements can be difficult or downright annoying. In contrast my tennis design templates can be adjusted and modified in just a few minutes. As a result you save time and money and you still get an amazing tennis shirt design.

Font information and download links are listed.

I use really great fonts… but I didn’t create most of them. Therefor I list the locations that you can find the fonts to download from their creators. My templates are intended to be universal. Using a similar font that you might already have will work just fine. Get creative and make something unique.

You should be using my Tennis Designs for your tennis tournament and camp shirts.

I take pride in my tennis shirt designs and I try to make them unique and interesting. Try out one of my easy to customize tennis design templates, I think you will love how your tennis shirts turn out.
T Shirt Artist
Dennis Crow
Owner Chroma Apparel

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