1. Distressed Mascot Designs

Some of our most popular… these designs are our distressed mascot designs. We can adjust the colors to fit your schools color scheme. Our distressed mascot designs look great on light or dark shirts and can easily be incorporated with other design elements for a unique and personalized t-shirt design. These team logos are designed with schools and teams in mind. These logos incorporate mascot names and/or sports in an interesting distressed text layout. You can find our entire collection of distressed logo vector images here. These school mascot logo images will look amazing on just about any garment style or color.

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2. Mascots

We have created our distressed text team logos for dozens of mascots. If your mascot is not represented in the collection send us a note and we will make a logo with your mascot name.

Titans Logo - Distressed

3. Sports

We have tried to represent most of the major sports in our  distressed text team logos. If you need a sport not represented in the collection send us a note and we will make a logo with your sport.

4. School Clubs and Organizations

Many of your school’s clubs and organizations are also represented in our collection of distressed text logos. We will happily create a logo for your club or organization if your group is not already represented in our collection. Just send us a note and we will make it for you right away.

5. Uses

Our distressed text team logos are perfect for team logos that can be printed on shirts, sweatshirts, banners, stickers and more.

Distressed Team Logos

6. Modifying Colors

All of these team logos and club designs come in easy to edit vector formats. Modifying the colors to work with your team or school’s color scheme is very simple and can be done by nearly every print shop.

7. About the Artwork and Font

All of these logos are available for download in an easy to edit vector format on our sister site.

www.TeamLogoStyle.com – Distressed Team Logos

This font is a custom made font designed specifically for these images. This font will be made available to purchase at TeamLogoStyle in the near future.

Chroma-horizontal-banner1All T-Shirt Designs can be Modified and Customized for your School, Club, or Organization